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Recup 1 and 2, do we need them?

I was wondering if the recup modes are that significant?

Correct me if I am wrong, but I understand that recuperation does not start until the battery is 70% full.

Why do we need 2 modes?
Is #2 is stronger than #1?
It depends on the Software-Version at which speed the recuperation is activ and yes, there is a significant difference between the two levels. To prevent the battery of overcharging the recuperation is not functional if the battery still is in a good shape and has enough capacity. With the actual software the battery could be charged by recuperation if the capacity is below 70%.

As a "motorbreak" the recuperation makes sense but if you know the chemical issues in a battery you know that short recups makes absolute no sense because the battery is not able to store such charges.
Thanks for the answer!

So I understand that one of the major functions of recup mode is to save the brake pads?

When is the best to use #1 and #2?

Personally I can't recharge more than 1 bar when in the recoup mode. I believe the #1 does not give as much resistance.

Is it true that below 10% of the battery the indicator is not quite precise and one may expect the motor to shut down at any moment?

Some systems still have a bit more juice even when the indicator goes down to 0%
wojtek1425: schrieb:So I understand that one of the major functions of recup mode is to save the brake pads?

IMHO, the major benefit is making people believe they just saving the planet whilst "recup" is on...

It will maintain speed, if the hill is only gentle - and it gives you psychological support, when you running near capacity, but still with a long way home ahead.

There are reports, system will shutdown when reaching 10% battery. But even if you're above 10%, it's possible falling temporarily below threshold due to big charge e.g. steep uphill in power mode. In this case, just stop wait a few seconds, then restart your stromer.

I am preparing for in depth review of the ST1 Platinum, and having no so great elements in the overall very positive review would be well received.

Otherwise it would be met with suspision as it would look like a commercial.

The ST1 Platinum is a very interesting bicycle. Not 100% pedelec as the "walk" and "boost" modes are quasi POD.

A perfect "in between" bicycle for an experienced cyclist that loves the speed and does not want to give up on exercise.

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