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Ride encouragement Going from running to cycling
Hi, guys!
I've been running for a long time, but recently got more into cycling. I find it incredibly enjoyable and fun, and the fact that I can see so much more and more. I really want to cycle more, but there are a couple of things as a "newbie"
I am familiar with that many routes in my local area. When running, I did not really think about it (ex, run laps around a lake). I can not really do this with cycling, of course.
How did you discover routes of different distances? And how do you prepare to go exploring? Since I am often riding alone, I often get anxious when I ride in unfamiliar areas. I get anxious that i might puncture or be in a crash or something and not know how to find my way back home. How did you guys deal with this fear in the beginning?
Hello Gamora

so you bought an Stromer E-Bike just to use for sportive cycling? Interesting Smile

Your flag there in the upper right, is it hungary? Well, most roads here (and that´s what the Stromer EBikes are made for) in Switzerland and Germany are in good condition, and most of them are quite frequented by traffic so it´s pretty unusual to crash and noboby find you laying there... keep your eyes open all the time and dont get distracted, especially at higher speeds!

For Navigation you can ask people, read signs, buy some Maps und also use your Smartphone... it´s almost impossible to get lost on the streets and dont find your way back.

Also, learn to fix your bike (flat tires, shifting, chain, Brakes...) and take the right tools so you can repair your bicycle. With a Stromer/EBike this might be harder as there is a lot of electric. If i ever run into a electronic fail and i can´t ride home any more i´ll call the Stromer Assistance.... or at least a taxi ... or take the train home... what ever.

You see it´s not really wilderness cycling on the roads here...

Kind regards
Dear valued user, we really appreciate your contribution to our forum!

The swiss Stromerforum is the best source for reliable 1st hand information about the premium brand Stromer. To maintain the easy access for our community, we use German language. Therefore, we would ask you to post either in German or to post in the EBR forum in the US.
Looking forward reading from you, in German, of course.

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