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Delivery time black ST2

Sorry for the English... I understand German... but cannot write it.
I'm becoming a bit disappointed.
The 12th of September I ordered my black ST2.
It was planned for November....postponed to 2nd half of December.
When I called yesterday ... the told me it will become begin of January.
I it usual to wait 4 months for a Black ST2?

Boys and toys...
I had one week of delivery time for my black ST2.
But I think my dealer has some ST2s in his own storage...
ist wohl auch vom Händler abhängig welche Lieferzeiten man hat. Mein Händler hat mir vor ca. 2 Wochen mitgeteilt, dass ich innerhalb einer Woche einen schwarzen ST2 haben könnte. Er hat wohl mehrere davon an Lager. Habe aber nun den weissen bestellt, der im Januar ausgeliefert wird.
So I really think it's a local issue... maybe it's because I'm living in Belgium...
I think the shop buys in the Netherlands.
At first I wanted a black one too but after checking a few used ST1's at my local dealer and having a quick talk with the mechanic I've decided to buy a white one...

The matt black paint immediately shows even the smallest scratches whereas the white paint is much more resistant to 'contact' with other surfaces.

I still agree that the black one has a better appearance but...
This is becoming a big joke.

Again I called the shop this morning. They told me that the 20" black is now delayed till end of February... early March.
If I want I can get the 20" white by the weekend.

When I wait for the black the promised me a 10% discount.
So I'll wait.

This must be a difficult paint to get :-(
19th of December I did send a mail to stromer to ask if they had problems with deliveries in black... no response so far.

I'm really curious about what's causing this.
christiansmet: schrieb:This must be a difficult paint to get :-(
19th of December I did send a mail to stromer to ask if they had problems with deliveries in black... no response so far.

“Because the Swiss don’t build cars” This is how the Stromer advertising goes.

But unfortunately, this causes a lack in experience in the field production planning and monitoring. Aware about this, myStromer has implemented a ticketing system. This might work fine at their assembly plant in Oberwangen. Answering to emails is not part of this concept. However, the bike frames are built in far east.
christiansmet: schrieb:...This must be a difficult paint to get :-(

Holy sh** - do you ordered a Stealth-Version? :ranger:

Be a) patient and b) well prepared that maybe - as the other part of the joke - you will get your ordered bike by end of January or c) - as the next 50% of a bad joke - you will get it not eralier than mid August without any mentioned year.
Let's hope the ST3 will not arrive when I get the ST2
I got a friendly and polite reply from Stromer :-)

Seems there are some issues with a supplier from Taiwan.
The bike will be ready week 5.

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